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The Team

Aotearoa Sustainability Group was founded with a single mission: to be the most successful, creative and ground-breaking company.

We approach our work with fresh eyes to develop customized & unique strategies.


mātā bhūmih putruahan pṛthivyā

“Do not harm the environment, do not harm the water & the do not harm the flora. Earth is my mother, I am her child.”

Reaching climate targets depends on several different approaches and solutions working together.

At ASG, which is a non-profit, our aim is to bring together the community of Aotearoa to educate and engage them on sustainable living and climate related issues. The challenges we face around sustainable living are multifarious and complex, but they are worth working upon.

Providing environment related education in a linguistically and culturally appropriate manner to the culturally diverse population, such as ours, is the key to creating communities which adapt to the concept of circular economy.We all need to adapt to a lifestyle where garbage is optional and not an outcome!

25 years of work experience has taught me the significance of building empowered leaders and teams who can achieve great results and that is exactly what I bring to the table.


Kia Ora, Namastay, 

I live in the beautiful city of Tāmaki Makaurau with my husband, two children, and our fur baby Shadow.

I come from India, which is the largest country in South Asia. Its multi-cultural and multi-lingual approach has helped me understand the importance of diversity.   

After 14 years of working in the health sector. I have gained experience and knowledge, that has helped me understand the importance of a healthy environment on our well-being.

Through ASG, I aim to work with our diverse community to achieve sustainable environment for our future generations. I am proud to deliver this message and achieve many milestones for our community.


My roots are from Nepal, which proudly hosted Sir Edmund Hillary in his conquest to achieve his dream. He will always inspire me to do my best!


​Climate change poses as the greatest challenge that impacts our generation. We at ASG want to make a positive contribution towards sustainable living. As the adage goes “it takes a village to raise a child”. ASG understands that for any initiative to be successful, concerted community effort is the way forward towards a clean environment for our future generations to enjoy!  


Knowing this truth, I am taking this journey to do my mahi so that our future remains green and hopeful and our kids & future generations may be able to enjoy this beautiful earth the way we did!

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